Feeling The Energy of Commitment: "Stay True To Your Internal Compass" Part One

Press the play button and feel the energy of commitment.


What are you considering doing right now?

Are you going through a turbulent time in your life and you wish to create change?

Sometimes, when we can create a little calm during these times, our Inner Voice speaks.  Or perhaps you see or hear something from someone else and an idea sparks within you.  That's your Internal Compass attempting a communication of a course change.  Or maybe it's an event which presents itself to you as a way to learn a way to create the change.  Call it Soul, Spirit, the Divine or whatever resonates to you ( I will go off on that "Judgment" aspect of language in another post).

The notion you receive can be instantaneous. 

The idea can seem impossible.  The idea can seem outrageous.  You have a choice.  Let it go...or...do it.

Let the idea go and doing nothing is actually doing something: Preventing change.

Going for it...doing it...is the path to the change you seek.

Your Internal Compass knows the way.  In the precise moment you say to yourself, "Yes", everything begins to change.  You will feel it in your body, mind and soul.  You will feel yourself grow stronger as you dial in the details of making happen what you committed to doing.

The process is wonderful.

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Peace to you,