12 Masculinity Hacks by "Your Primal Essence"

A few weeks ago, I was asked by Reece Stockhausen to write a short "Masculinity Hack" for an article he was compiling for his website, "Your Primal Essence."

This is the lead-in for Reece's article:

"No doubt about it.

There’s a new breed of men making their mark upon the world today.

Men who are rising from the ashes of the macho alpha-male jerk and the sensitive new-age nice-guy.

Men burning the rulebook of what it means to be a man, smashing the stereotypes and forsaking the restrictive, outdated definitions that’ve been passed down through the generations.

And in the wake of this trail of destruction, men are stepping up and redefining masculinity on their own terms.

Courageous men, authentic men, compassionate men, everyday men.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in the midst of a masculine evolution.

And we’re championing this evolution here at Your Primal Essence. It’s our desire to usher in this new breed of man. So we set out to find the trailblazers at the leading edge of men’s personal development work and asked them to report back from the frontline.

Below are their responses to the question “What’s your number 1 masculinity ‘hack’ to help men be awesome?”"

Here's the Hack I came up with for Your Primal Essence:

HACK #11: Stay True to Your Internal Compass

"I was once told by an expert sailor that what I was about to do was so stupid that I would die.

Yet had I allowed another human to make a decision for me, I would not have had the most powerful set of experiences of my life. Bar none.

At age 50, I finally grew some balls and took off on an epic solo sailing adventure which was something I had dreamed of doing my entire life.

Adventure in any form is a driving need of males. We thrive on intensity. Think about something in your life right now which you keep hidden. Something you truly desire to go and do but are afraid of telling those in your life about.

Understand that the more we keep hidden, the heavier the load upon our shoulders. You want to go and do something positive and filled with intensity? Something you know deep down will only help you grow into the powerful man you wish to be? Commit to it and you’ll figure out how to make it happen.

Stay true to your Internal Compass.

And spread your wings and fly."

--Greg Frucci