Stay True To Your Internal Compass: "Run Toward That Which Scares You" Part Eight


Code Number 1: Listen to others, but do not lose your own Voice.

The Voice within tells us a thing...
our Voice sometimes tells us things which seem impossible...
yet, our Voice is our heart...
Love is the Voice which is the voice of God.
— Path of Three Hundred: Volume I

There are certain places on this planet which will never leave you once you go there and experience them.

Have you ever been to a place on this planet which you know will never leave you even though you are not there now?

Me too.  While I was nearing the East Coast of the United States of America after being alone at sea for eight days through all of the intensity I experienced, I had a moment where it all made sense.  I felt safe as the mega pod of dolphins welcomed me Home.

The next nine...I had a moment of wanting to stay out there just a little longer.  As I was within eyesight of the North Carolina Shore and could see the channel entrance between islands, I shut the engine down and dropped my sail.  I just drifted for a couple of hours in awe of what had occurred over the past nine days while alone at sea.

The afternoon and evening before with the dolphin experience fresh in my mind, I smiled knowing I was successful.                     

Here’s what I learned:  Sometimes we have a realization of how powerful a place can be. We do not know at the time how impactful it will be to our Core as we grow. We do not learn that aspect of a place until a period of time flows into the future...unless of course, someone is there to activate this knowing. The result is is a gradual revelation that a place will never leave you. 

This is the last video in the series, "Run Toward That Which Scares You."  The next video series I will create is titled, "Stay True To Your Internal Compass."  


Peace to you,