I Think Of Him Every Day - Not Just on Holidays

Happy Veterans Day, Dad.  I Love You.  

I Love what you taught me when you were alive.  I Love what you teach me now while in Spirit.

Yes, Lt. Col. Allen LeRoy Frucci, USMC (deceased) was a highly decorated warrior.

It is also true, in the last years of his life, he was one of the most peaceful humans I've ever known.

He was and will always be...my only Hero.

Arlington National CEMETERY. 

He volunteered his Service to this country for 20 years as a "hot shit fighter pilot" in the US Marine Corps [his term which I loved to hear from him and other pilots like him].

I thank Dad and all of the men and women who serve currently and have in the past. You are a special breed of human.

Gratitude is a positive action, for me at least. When I see anyone in a uniform, I thank them with a smile. Ya never know what they have been through or are going through.

We live in a time when creating an action of Love through Gratitude can become the water needed to douse a fire.

I Love you, Dad. Thank you for being you even after you left this plane of existence into the next.

The beautiful thing is this: He passed on as a peaceful human. He battled his trauma and won.

"Improvise, Adapt and Overcome."

Those words apply to everything and can be accomplished in a peaceful Way.

That was his Legacy as I choose to see it.