Going Back In Time And Changing Your Past Is Wasted Thinking

If you could go back in time and change an action you took in your past...would you?


I would not even think about it with respect to my life as Greg Frucci. Every action, whether labeled good or bad in my life, by me or by others, is a Gift.

Sure, there are countless actions I've taken in the past 56 years which did not turn out well on the surface and seen from a perspective of ego failure. Some were absolute disasters on the surface, but I consider them all gifts which I gladly receive and I would not change a thing.

The life path I am on is my life path and no one else's.

The premise of the short film below is about a fictional character who said, Yes.

Undoing Time, by Sheila Schmidt Brothers and Roxanne Marchand, was a short film I had the lead role in as an actor back in 2007.

[Triva for the Trivia buffs] The film also happened to be Pat Hingle's last film, which for me personally is humbling beyond words. Mr. Hingle spent some time in the US Navy aboard a carrier and he was genuinely interested in the life of my father who was an Aviator in the US Marine Corps. Pat was a kind Man who lived a fantastic life. Getting to know him a little was one of the best parts of being in that film.

Back to Why I post this:

I played a character which at the time, I identified with strongly because I was filled with countless regrets centered around relationship choices with women, career choices and financial choices. Those regrets and the choices which lead to the regrets were all my choice and I happily own them all now as I write these words, because all of those choices became lessons...tough ones.

No, the process was not an easy one even though I stated that at times.

In the fictional film, the character William, was visited by an Angel and was given the choice to go back in time and change his past allowing his future self to alter the course of history, both his own and the lives of others.

Fantasy stories are fun to watch and/or read because they allow us to drift off into a dream world, yet when we wake up to the reality we exist in and know that the dream is sometimes impossible, a crossroad of choice will appear.

The choice is to receive the lesson as a gift with joy, file it away for future wisdom and let the emotions go, or to dwell in regret and sink into a whirlpool of self-pity based in fear which will affect all fellow humans who come into contact with me.

Here's the rub:

This is a film about a guy who, as a frustrated teenager, kills another human being and ends up in prison for life.

Let that sink in for a moment...

Yeah, yeah, I know...this is just a cute little fantasy film.

But the question is a real one only because we can get stuck thinking about a past action which we would love to change. Thoughts are real only in that we create them with our finite little ego.

What we can change in our physical realities are the actions we take right now in the present when we think about the lessons we learned from those past actions we cannot change. Yes?

What do you think?

Or better yet...what do you Know from within your Self?