Awaken Your Divine Masculine Summit

Here's a short clip from the interview...

The web address for the Summit is

The web address for the Summit is

This is not about being a Womanly Man (or any other ridiculous label)...this is about being a Man and being In Control of ourselves in a Fearless, Powerful and Loving Way with all Separation eliminated. 

At least, that's what I talked about.  When we come from a place of Love and do no harm to ourselves...we can do no harm to anyone regardless of gender, race, culture or any human created system of control.  Control is a big topic with me.

Ivan Kramer, the host and creator for this online event out of Australia, invited me to video record a lesson for his event.  We recorded the session on March 24th (the 25th for Ivan since he's in Aussie Land).  I'm very, very, very happy with our conversation and it may be a bit eye-opening for some.  I said some stuff I've never spoken publicly before.


I'm not selling anything here.  I did the interview for free and Ivan's giving the content away for free.  I feel strongly about being in Service to the world and especially Men.

I'm not sure at this point exactly what day and time my interview will be posted on his site, but I'll update this event when I get the information.


For me at least, God is neither masculine or feminine.

Sure, human created systems of control, specifically religions, have taught our species that God is masculine, which is designed separation in order to create fear based anger between the genders in order for human created systems of control to control us, so the term goddess appears as a way in which to equalize. Yet, it does not. The term, goddess only perpetuates the fear-based separation.

There is no separation in God, [or the Divine, or Spirit or whatever human created label you wish to give It...I don't care].
Therefore, in the present moment, the word goddess makes zero sense to me whatsoever.

God is in all of us equally with no human being superior to another, regardless whether you are a man or a woman.
So, why create the separation?

In fact, why not delete the ego created separation completely and just simply state, I Am that I Am, and move into Oneness with all of our fellow humans?

These days, when I hear the term...I walk in the opposite direction because I refuse to swim in the downward spiral of the whirlpool that is separation.

The interesting thing is this:

I am participating in Awaken Your Divine Masculine Summit, created by Ivan Kramer which begins April 2nd. I have felt the value personally of diving into the separation as a way to travel a path to myself, which for me is the ultimate Pilgrimage. Yet, as I stated in the lesson I created with Ivan, I cannot get stuck there.

I see the process of looking at the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine as a way to go deeper into Oneness...and ultimately see, feel and touch God within all of us.

One step along a path...
At that destination...
there is only Light...
there is only Love...
there is only One connected to all the Light there is.

Photo by Greg frucci, 1998 in Arizona while on a roadtrip to California