"You Need to be Scared of...." Um, No I Do Not.

If you hear or read the words, "You need to be scared of [fill in the blank], because of [fill in the blank]," and you allow by your own choice to become scared, then you have allowed by your own choice, Fear to conquer you.

You have allowed something outside of yourself to control you.

You have jumped into a cage and locked the door with the illusion of protection from whatever it is that someone else declared to be scary.

The cool thing is that you have the key. You can unlock the door at any time, walk back out into freedom, smile at the fearmonger and walk along the path you create for yourself in Peace.


I originally posted this on my facebook page after having seen the phrase, "You need to be scared because...." one to many times.

No one has that authority over me and I will not allow someone to suck me into their fear based world.

Who would wish that upon themselves?  

It's happened to me in the past and it happens to all of us.  The next time you go online, or watch TV, or however you connect with information...watch for those statements about fear and perhaps, just say, "no."  

Be informed, yes.  Be in fear, no.