Fearlessly Express Your Truth and The War Within Self Vanishes

I have been holding back the truth of how I feel about certain things.

The course I have chosen over the past few months has been a heading towards an understanding of the small self (ego) and the Higher Self (the Divine in each one of us no matter what our skin colors are or the gender we were born as, thus making us all the same and connected as One). Particularly with a reference to how my alignment of the two selves shows up in the world as One being.

My finite little ego only knows separation while the Higher Self knows only Love which is where any notion of separation becomes impossible.

As I travel the path of tearing down the walls of separation I have constructed and am responsible for, the emotions created by the ego will by default, come raging to the surface and look for a fight with the Higher Self. I can choose to let either one win on the surface. Ego will create suffering and I can choose that path if I wish because I have a personal will. We all do. Yet we all have the opposite choice.

Watch the ego throw a fit for a while. Let the ego created emotions rise to the surface in order to observe them from a Higher Perspective. Make choices from that High Place and then let the ego crap go down the toilet where it belongs.

I've been holding my crap inside and creating constipation. That never works out well until the release begins to flow. Sorry for the image, but it works. Get past it.

Enough prep talk. I'm just gonna spew some thoughts, so it could become sloppy. I'll clean it all up when I go into more detail in the future. Oops...there's the imagery again, I suggested getting past that...now I will.

As the one in Authority of me and the only one in authority of my creations, I create the following subjects for discussion in the future with the intention of doing so only out of Love for our species, Love for this physical planet and the Loving integration of the two as we move forward into potential Unity of all into One.

The following subjects are in no particular order of importance...for me, they are all on the same level and are all related to each other. Maybe they will be blogs or videos...or both.:

1.  Standing Rock represents more than just the battle against DAPL over water. There is a deeper and very ugly truth at the core: The truth is something we all know to be true if we can admit to how this country was created.

The ones who proclaim authority over us are afraid of admitting the truth.  Our government exists in Fear which creates walls of separation. Think about it for a moment. How slow was the Federal Government to act? Ask yourselves why. The truth is staring each of us in the face and shame keeps the ego from admitting the truth.

Look to the brave vets who chose to go stand with the peaceful ones as they endured torture from the "authorities." Yes, I used the word "torture." Google the definition, read it while remembering the spraying of water during sub-freezing temperatures and the threats by the government to block supplies to citizens of the USA during the coldest part of the year. The "authorities" knew exactly what they were doing to their fellow human beings.

2.  The 2016 Presidential Election of Donald Trump as our next President by a minority of people who voted. Whew...that was hard to type.

I refuse to give authority or respect to anyone who perpetuates fear and who knowingly by his or her actions, creates harm in any form or fashion, to other humans. The shit-storm which has been created by this election will have a benefit in the end perhaps...a collective awakening to what is not desired by those who come from a place of Love.

As I type this under a full moon, emotions are running wild in everyone it seems. I truly believe there will be Light shed upon the darkness in the coming days, months and weeks. Those in an illusion of authority and those who seek it, will be held accountable in the end, this I have faith in happening.

It should be glaringly obvious that I did not vote for Donald Trump.  I did not. I was going to write in Bernie Sanders because I believe the man is truly Heart-Centered and would have fought harder for the majority of people who were lured into voting for Mr. Trump. But, in the last few days before the election, I voted for Clinton only because Bernie (and I know he'd be cool with anyone calling him by his first name) made a quick video asking people who were going to vote for him, to vote for Clinton because she would be easier to work with than Trump. The fact is, I do not fully trust either Clinton or Trump for many reasons.

I am neither a Republican nor Democrat or member of any political party. I Am Independent and Free of any ties to any human created system of control based in separation from other humans. Both Democrats and Republicans exist solely to perpetuate fear in us...the citizens who just want to live in peace in the country where we were born or legally immigrated to.

Having said all of that, I do not hate anyone or anything. If you say, "I hate [fill in the blank]," then you become hate and you will keep creating from that place. Further, there are people I love dearly who voted for Trump. None of them are stupid people, some of them are women and a few of them hold higher degrees than I do. I do not fully understand why they voted for him, nor will I enter into a conversation with them to find out why, because talking with others about politics or religion is like talking to door knobs when the other is firm in his or her beliefs. But I still Love them all dearly because I will forever respect an individual's right to choose to believe whatever they wish, no matter how much that particular belief disgusts my ego.  The Soul of Me knows only Love.

If like me, you did not vote for Trump and see him as someone who could do more harm than good, and you throw hate at the ones who did vote for him, then you are no better than Trump himself.

You cannot fight hate with hate...if you do, then hate is what you will create. We do not need to "Make America Great Again," as stated over and over by Mr. Trump.  We simply need to make it greater than it already is and share the greatness with the ones who feel left out...who are left out...and many of them exist.  Look at the Lakota People for starters. Calling people names, or screaming at people, or thinking of yourself as superior to others, will only create hatred.  Will creating more hate, solve anything?  Nope.

Which...is a perfect segway into my next subject...

3.  Separation in all forms including Race, Gender, Religion, Politics, Culture, Economics, whatever Dimension you feel you exist in and others haven't ascended to yet, etc, are all born from Fear. If anyone...and I mean anyone including myself...thinks that their way is superior, then is bigotry a result?  Yes.  Do you consider yourself superior in your thinking to others?

If I were to participate in the construction of a wall to protect myself from anything, then I would be existing in Fear. In the end, Fear will create a war. And when I say "War," I include every way possible beyond physical weaponry.

Yes, brave men and women fight the wars because they must, but only cowardly leaders create the wars for the brave to fight.

When I see my fellow humans as the Divine Beings that they are (Children of God, Spirit, Eternal Essence or whatever you wish to call It), then all walls of separation come tumbling down in a flash of light.

Look into the eye of another human and do not break the gaze...all of us are the same...all of us come from the same place. There is no reason whatsoever to fight with what is the exact same as me. Further, there is no need for any walls either physical or mental. Period.

4.  Religion. Whew...

I'm gonna save this one for later. This one will be a video without any preparation. I'm thinking that I'll just turn the camera on and go ranting via FB live with a post here on my website.

5.  Any human who states, "You need me because [fill in the blank]," is attempting to control you. Walk away and smile because you now know that their "Jedi mind trick" does not work on you.

This is a big one and is actually related to all of the other subjects in this post. I could write a book on this one...huh...perhaps I will.

I do not "need" anyone, nor does anyone "need" me. Being in need means I think I lack something which creates fear-based scarcity. When Fear is created, walls are built within the self in order to protect my little, finite ego. What follows next is a whirlpool of negativity until the illusory need is met, which will never happen. So, why go there in the first place? Think of a needy person in your life...do you like that about them? Are you that way? I used to be and it sucked the life out of me.

I can Love others no matter who they are and even work with them without needing them at all.

If there is a tid bit of anger in this post, then I'll own it. If there exists some judgment in this post, then I'll own that as well. I'm a human just like you and I feel everything you do regardless of your gender or any other label you wish to choose. As I write, I observe. As I observe my Self in what I think, I grow. My purpose is to grow in Love.

My belief in this particular moment in time is that we are all the same. I do not feel myself to be anything other than the same as you. No better and no worse.

I Am claiming my Power back.
I Am claiming back my Soul from all of the others I have given it to in the past.

I Know who I Am. I Know what I Am. I Know how I serve. On a soul level, I Know who and what you are and how you serve, for we are all the same. In this Knowing, I can Love you and everyone else no matter who they are.

So be it. So it is.


What do you think?