Fifty Percent (50%) of the profit from sales of the "Path of Three Hundred" books will become Donations.


From this day forward, fifty percent (50%) of the profits I receive from my publisher for the sales of my book, "Path of Three Hundred: Volume 1," and all future books in the series, will be donated to heart centered causes.


Because I was given the gift of Life while I was at alone far out to sea.  I survived a set experiences which could have easily killed me multiple times.  Some have said I was lucky to not have been taken by the sea as my father was back in 2001.  I do not believe in luck.  My Soul has a mission to complete before I die and I will complete the mission.  I am in Gratitude to the Divine (your choice to label It whatever you wish) for my life and the multitude of lessons learned from the journey.  

Thus, I will give back and Know I will be in Service to the world for doing so.


I have my own personal choice.  When my father died suddenly in 2001, my family discovered that instead of people buying flowers for his funeral, he wanted people to donate to the Toys 4 Tots Foundation.  Dad was a warrior.  He flew jet fighters for the US Marine Corps for twenty years and was highly decorated for his heroism.  He was also a peaceful man, especially towards the end of his life.  I was a witness to his random acts of kindness to many.  I will carry on that legacy he created and will donate the 50% in his name to Toys 4 Tots when a purchase of my book is not linked up to a particular fundraising campaign.   

If a purchase of my book is linked to a particular fundraising campaign, then the 50% will be donated to that project.  I am not going into detailed logistics of exactly how that will work here.  If you wish more information, then hit the button below and we'll have a conversation.

Recently while attending a Coaching Intensive led by Rich Litvin, I heard talks by two different people who are trying to raise funding in order to build schools in Africa.  My heart blew open as I pondered how I could be of service to them both.  A few days ago, this idea I am writing about now, came to me during my morning meditation.

Those are the kind of heart centered projects I would love to give money to help fund.  Housing projects, food projects, curing of disease projects, etc.  In the United States of America, African countries and any place on our world where there is a request for service.  Those are the projects I am speaking of serving and I place no limit on the number. 


Yes, this will increase the sales of my book.  

And yes, the higher the sales of my book, the more money I will make in order to live my life.  

And yes, the more money I make, no matter what the amount is, I will donate half (50%) of that same money to charitable projects which will accelerate the achievement of a heart centered desire.  

Everyone wins.  Period.

Who do you know that is trying to raise funding for a heart centered cause or project?

This is My Truth...

I'm going to be bold going forward...more so than I have ever been.

I Am going to be the Extraordinary dude that I know Am.  I am not unique.  I am not above or below any human.  We all are Extraordinary because we all come from the same Divine Spark of life.  This is my belief and say it because it is part of my Truth without any expectation of anyone else believing the same. 

Part of my boldness is stepping into my vulnerability by realizing something about myself.

I have been in fear of my own success.

And I'm the guy who sailed alone in the Atlantic Ocean for seventeen days during Hurricane season and even sailed into the eye of a developing one with very little experience. I am an Adventurer who owns his fear and wrote a book about it..."Path of Three Hundred: Volume I."

I will take strong humans who want to get stronger through a similar mental process in order to create Peace on the planet we share together.

Hay House put me on the same platform as Deepak Chopra, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer and others, back in May as a lesson creator for the 2016 Hay House World Summit.  And what did I do? I rocked it, then backed away in fear of my own success.  F*** that.

While listening to Simon Crowe and others speak about pouring what is within them into the world in a loving way, my heart blew open as I felt their love of being in service for the creation of a way to assist in the growth of many.  But what can I do?  I raised my hand to support Simon and I will, but there must be more.  But what?

Last week was information and creation overload. Among everything else, I got two calls from my publisher, Balboa Press that Hay House wants to purchase the rights to my book. Cool right? Yeah, until I was told that I have to increase the sales of my book. FEAR ALERT!

I then remembered Rich Litvin speaking to me about who I am, "You sailed alone in the Atlantic Ocean for 17 days and sailed directly into the eye of a developing hurricane."

And I remembered my own creation for the Hay House World Summit, "Run Toward That Which Scares You," which is based upon the core message of my own book...

So I am traveling towards my fear, which is precisely how it will be overcome.  This post.  This idea as a creation is partly how I will accomplish my goal of walking my Soul Path and fulfilling my Purpose.  My Purpose is to stand with You in Divine Love as You grow stronger and create a Legacy of Peace in Your world.

We gotta walk our talk.  I Am.