VoiceAmerica Podcast Interview of Greg Frucci by Destin Gerek of The Evolved Masculine

While attending the Extraordinary Coach Intensive by Rich Litvin in Santa Monica, California, I was interviewed for a VoiceAmerica Internet Radio Show.  Destin Gerek, a Masculine Empowerment Coach...my Coach...asked me questions for almost an hour on his show, The Evolved Masculine: Redefining Sex, Power & Success.  

The show ran live on September 8, 2016, but anyone can listen to the episode on demand by clicking the link below.  Clicking the image will also take you there.

When Adventure Calls: Sailing Solo into the Bermuda Triangle...

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The Evolved Masculine: Redefining Sex, Power & Success

Thursday at 1 PM Pacific

September 08, 2016: When Adventure Calls: Sailing Solo into the Bermuda Triangle...

Have you ever wanted to leave it all behind and take off on an Adventure? This is the story of how a man became a fulcrum for transformation and how the driving need of men for adventure changed a life forever.

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Thursday at 1 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel
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I am the author of the Path of Three Hundred series of books, published by Balboa Press, a Division of Hay House. I perform Elite Coaching in an expedition environment, my office is Nature and my fulcrum for transformation is Adventure. I am also a professional speaker for theYPO/WPO. My resume is eclectic. In January of 2016, I was asked by Hay House Publishing to create a Master Class for the 2016 Hay House World Summit along with Thought Leaders, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and others. During an interview with Best-Selling Author, Nancy Levin, I created the lesson, "Run Towards That Which Scares You!" My lesson on the Summit was enthusiastically received with hundreds of co.....

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Here are some of the questions I addressed...

  1. What is the driving need of males and how does one deal with it?
  2. Where was my life before the adventure?
  3. What was the transformation?
  4. What was the True destination?
  5. How do you deal with Life and Death situations?
  6. Was I scared?
  7. Where is Home?
  8. What is the definition of Mindfulness?
  9. How do you connect with your Masculine Energy?
  10. How is Love created?
  11. What am I doing now?
  12. How does one release intensity?
  13. What's possible in the space of the Evolved Masculine?
  14. How does one create a Legacy?