Have You Ever Wanted To Take Off On An ADVENTURE?

I'm not talking about sitting in a lounge chair and sipping a Mai Tai on a beach somewhere...that's a vacation.

The entire Earth is sacred.  There are no exceptions.

The entire Earth calls to me.  Perhaps that is why I grew up and into adulthood, in the way I have.  A Wandering Free Spirit.

Back in 2011, when I took off on an ADVENTURE, the sea called to me.  The Bermuda Triangle actually spoke while I was there alone for days and nights, hundreds of miles out to sea.

Some will say that the Bermuda Triangle is a Power Center.  One of many across our planet.  I agree, although I was skeptical before I was actually there and was able to experience the place first hand.  No mind altering drugs were involved, nor were they needed (a subject I addressed in another blog post which you can access here).

Yesterday, I told the story of my short time on the Isle of Capri in Italy, when I was a teenager to a friend of mine.  As I described the place and the events while there, her posture changed and I witnessed a glow in her.  Her whole body changed and it sparked a desire in her to go and experience that place.  Have you ever listened to a particular song which invigorates your being as you listen to the power of the melody?  It is the same.

Where is the place on our planet which calls to you?  Stop reading this for a moment, close your eyes, drop down from your mind into your heart and breathe deeply.  Perhaps an image of a place will appear.

where are you called to go

The question, "Why?" rises to the surface.  Why do you want to take off?  Why does that particular place call to you?  

Our egos attempt to take over the inner conversation because of its fear of not knowing that which cannot be known unless an action of faith is taken.

Years after my adventure upon the sea, after I processed the intensity, I was able to uncover the "why do I want to take off?" question.  Sure, I had a reason when I made the decision, but that reason was a surface one because I was not ready to admit to myself and others the real reason (a subject I also addressed in another blog post which you can access here).

I did not have a human guide with me.  Thank God there were a few strong humans who prepared me for what I was about to experience the day I took to the sea.  Yet, there existed...and still exists...certain humans who I crossed paths with along the way who guided me in moments of challenge.  

While at sea, I did have a guide appear in non-human form, although I did not realize it at the time.  The Longtailed One who came to visit each morning while crossing to Bermuda gifted me with something which cannot be demonstrated in word alone.  Yes, I have already written about certain aspects of the bird...the Bermuda Longtail.  I have attempted to translate the unspoken messages in the past, yet not until recently have I been able to understand the depth of the visitation by the Longtail.  The appearance of the Young Hawk a few weeks ago has brought clarity of purpose as I create a Legacy.

Adventure and the desire for a certain intensity, runs deep within us.  When I ask the question, "Have you ever wanted to take off on an adventure?" most men and some women say "yes" in a powerful way.  The reasons why they cannot, or will not, follow the "yes."  I get that.  I was 50 when I finally did it, even though I had thought about it my entire life.

As soon as I committed to taking off, I immediately began to notice the difference within and around me shifting. There is incredible potency in deep commitments to transformation...something I did not realize at the time.  A journey becomes a gigantic catalyst of metamorphosis from your core into the world around you.

The more I told the stories of change while at sea, the more I realized I was actually being of service to some.  I could see smiles upon their faces and humbly receive gratitude from them as they told me of healing from listening to my words.  Reading the comments on the Hay House World Summit about my lesson, "Run Toward That Which Scares You," sparked thinking in me about how best I could affect positive change in the world.  

What did I come up with after much research and meditation?  This...

"Path of Three Hundred:

Stay True to Your Internal Compass"

an Elite Coaching Journey with an all inclusive, Guided 10-Day Adventure

What is that?  Here it is in a nutshell: Over the course of a year, I will be guiding four successful Leaders separately on "One-on-One Adventures" to places in the world neither of us have ever been.

I live by the code of "Run Toward That Which Scares You," which became a gift from the Universe upon completion of the adventure at sea.   The code is part of staying true to your internal compass.

Code Number 1:  Listen to others, but do not lose your own Voice.

The Voice within tells us a thing...
our Voice sometimes tells us things which seem impossible...
yet, our Voice is our heart...
Love is the Voice which is the voice of God.

There are thirty codes in total which are embedded in “Path of Three Hundred: Volume 1.”  Learning the code is part of the adventure.  

Had I a person in my life like I am offering, then the process of integrating what I learned at sea would not have taken five years.   Transformation is my goal.   Transformation is your goal.   We are in alignment.   I am honored to be a guide through the process.

While at sea during the night alone in the darkness, I see the beacon which  safely  guides  me home.   As I progress along the path I have chosen, I allow the light to illuminate my way.   Guiding my passage to the narrow channel from the open ocean on which I sail, using the changing winds to propel my vessel with my hands upon the helm.  I see myself as a Lighthouse with a Beacon of Light spinning in all directions.

You are the Master of your world while within the vastness of your Life.   As you navigate the storms towards the destination you seek and draw closer to the shallows, the beacon is there for you as a pure loving guide.   You are supported.   You are protected.   You are guided.   I can become your beacon, for I have been where you and I are about to go and where you are now.   I will light the way and be with you until you reach the shore you seek.

What does the shore you seek look like?   That my friend, you will decide for yourself.   I am here to help you define it clearly and illuminate the path you embark upon to get there.  

If you feel a little fear rising now...good...this is part of the process and I want you to feel it as I felt it before I set sail alone in the Atlantic Ocean without knowing exactly what course I would end up taking.   I made it both times and so will you.   The differences are that what I went through was more intense than what I will put you through and I did not have a human guide...but you do.

The type of Journey I speak of here is not for everyone.   I realize this as I tell the stories to some who shy away in fear.  I've even heard the words, "Stop, Greg.  The images your words generate frighten me too much."  So, I smile and change the subject to something shiny.

To take off into the wild on an adventure is only for the person who is called to do so.  I was.  I did.  I learned.  My purpose is to share this with Leaders in the world who can take what they learn back to their tribe of humans and powerfully inspire all who they encounter and perhaps write their own book.  In this way, I will have been in service to not just one, but many.

This is my purpose.

Peace to you,