What Kind of Journey?: "Run Toward That Which Scares You" Part Seven


In the past couple of videos I've talked about the "mystical" experiences which perhaps all of us experience at times, yet we are not quite sure how to explain them. 

In this video I’m going to talk about something that happened on day six of my adventure on the way back to the United States while alone, hundreds of miles out in the Atlantic Ocean.

This story is in "Path of Three Hundred: Volume 1."  During day six, I lost the function of my mainsail.  Almost half of it popped off the mast, so I dropped it and started up the engine.  I lost the sail because I was pushing the boat a little bit too hard, it was my fault. Before I lost the sail, the day was one of the best days sailing of my entire life. It was beautiful.

The evening of day six, I was entering the Gulf Stream, the eastern edge of it. The Gulf Stream is very warm water flowing from the south to the north. That particular day was in early December  It was cold, so anytime cold air crosses over warm water or a cold air mass meets a very warm air mass, you get thunderstorms.

The thunderstorms that are created from the Gulf Stream in the wintertime can be very intense. The wild thing is if you live on the East Coast, Outer Banks of North Carolina or Virginia Beach, Virginia, maybe you’ve seen them. On a clear winter’s night look towards the horizon, you can see little tiny bolts of lightning. Those are the thunderstorms far out at sea in the Gulf Stream.

My heading was 312 degrees towards Cape Fear, North Carolina. The wind started to die down to practically almost nothing, but as the sun is starting to go down, I could see thunderstorms forming everywhere. I could see them expanding. I could see lightning bolts.  I could see intense rain. I was wondering where to go, what to do and beginning to get a little nervous. 

Just as the sun starts to go down, you know that red hue you see in the sky?  What I saw was a little bit of a light opening on the horizon with black rain walls of thunderstorms on either side of it.  The opening was pink and orange from the sun setting on the other side of it.  

Right before that I heard something from within me.  My Internal Compass spoke.  

“Keep your heading 300°, you will be safe on that path.”

I turned the boat and headed toward the opening.  I’m always checking my compass and I look down, and what does it say?  Yep, three hundred degrees.

I don’t do drugs. I wasn’t on any other mind altering substances. That would’ve been stupid out there.

All right, cool. I  notice that all the thunderstorms and I are now moving in the same direction.  It’s actually a good thing to go in the same direction as a thunderstorm because you are not going to get hit sideways with a gust of wind most of the time. Chances are, you are going to hit behind you, which is better than getting a blast of wind sideways because the side of your boat is almost like a sail. If wind hits you too hard, it’s going to push you over.  That would be a bad thing.  :)

After dropping my only other sail and on engine power alone, I was running with the storms all night long.  At one point, I turned around and looked to see a black wall behind me. Fingers of gray clouds and black clouds coming towards me.   Minutes later, I was swallowed by a thunderstorm.

I’m holding on and I’m just keeping that course of 300°. Every now and then, a gust of wind would hit me and then it’d be just nothing, silence  No wind.  Nothing except for the sound of my engine turning, pushing me forward.  

Maybe you’ve been on a completely black night where there are no clouds, no ambient light from a town, no moon or nothing and its just blackness.  You can’t see your hand in front of your face..you can’t see anything.  What I experienced in that thunderstorm was beyond that.  It wasn’t black, it was void.  At least that’s what it felt like.  I couldn’t see the water, I couldn’t see anything beyond my boat. The only way I can describe it is void.  It didn’t feel like there was anything.

After about three hours of this, all of a sudden I saw some light and I could see the formation of clouds as it passed over me.  It’s still dark, it’s still night, but I could see just a little bit of blue, it was that time of morning. The sun was nowhere near coming up yet, but at least there was some light that was starting to appear ahead of me.

Ahead of me, there were three lights. Two white lights and a green light below one of the white lights. I was thinking, “There is a ship ahead of me or a boat or whatever, I need to steer clear of this thing.” 

I turned my boat.  The lights moved to where I was going.  

I heard music off to the side of me, it sounded like a party, and it was almost like there was an island on the other side of some clouds, but there wasn’t.  I was hundreds of miles out to sea.

You are probably thinking right now, “Frucci, you were hallucinating, you were up all night long.”

You can say that if you want to, whatever. I was not hallucinating and I was not on any kind of drugs. That was real. The lights that were in front of me were real.

The sun was up.  The lights were getting closer to me, and no matter where I turned, the lights would move. It wasn’t like we were turning and moving at the same time, I would turn and then they would move. All that was there, were two lights of white and one light of green with nothing behind them. I tried sailing around them, and every time I would maneuver they would still go in front of me, so I started talking to them.

“What the hell are you? What is this? You are not making any sense.”

Nothing, of course, they didn’t speak back to me, at least not audibly.  No matter where I went, they were always in front of me.  By this time I’m heading in the opposite direction I want to go. If there was something creating those lights I would’ve seen it because by then, the Sun was completely up.

Finally I just said, “Screw it. I’m going home.”

Then the green light started blinking. 

What does green mean within the culture of my growth?

It means go. When I said I’m going home and that light started blinking, I see that now as a sign.  A sign from within.  A sign from the Source of all living things everywhere. 

There is more story in the video, including a statement by me on mind altering substance use when connecting to our True Essence (or whatever name you choose to call the Eternal Energy within each of us...some, including me, call it the Soul).  

I have been "told" that I "should" go on a Shamanic Journey and take Ayahuasca now that I have had the solo experiences far out to sea.  If so, what kind of Journey was I on out there?

What kind of Journey are you on right now?

In the next video I’m going to talk about the Bermuda Triangle and a couple of other things, a culmination of all the intense experiences. 

Discover what your Soul wants...

tell your ego to sit back and watch while you discover your purpose.

Peace to you,