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Path of Three Hundred: Volume 1

Author Greg Frucci talks about the lessons he learned about himself on a spontaneous sailing adventure. He also explains how this inspiration led him to write "Path of Three Hundred." 

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Have you ever wanted to simply take off from your life and leave everything behind?

You know…the moment when you say to yourself, “That’s it!  I’m done!  I’m outta here and I’m going to go live my own life for once!”

Some will call you selfish…

Some will call you crazy and reckless…

Some will say that you are going through menopause or a mid-life crisis or whatever…

and many will throw so much negativity your way that the urge will get even stronger.

The First Book I published...

Poems to a woman who inspired me to be a free spirit and triggered the discovery of unconditional Love.

Books I'm Writng

"Death Angel"

Based upon the life of my father, Lt. Col. Allen LeRoy Frucci, United States Marine Corps, one of the highest decorated jet fighter pilots during the Vietnam War.  Al Frucci was more than what other humans could are all of us.  He was a Hero not just because of what he did during a War, but of how he lived his entire life.

The story begins and flows through time as the man was dying alone in the Atlantic Ocean after his small fishing boat capsized on November 27, 2001.  As he lay motionless in the cold waters off the North Carolina coast, powerful memories of an intense life flows through his mind.

Expected publish date will be early winter of 2016.

"Path of Three Hundred: Volume II

Reverse Course"

Book two in the Path of Three Hundred Series is being written through the eyes of the dog of me...Lucky.  Beginning with the last leg of the journey of Petah at sea, Lucky is being taken care of by Petah's friend and mentor, Harker.  Lucky wonders when or if his human will ever come home and what life will bring upon his return.