What If Someone asks the Question, "Who do you despise and why?"

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If I ask the question, "Who do you despise and why?" [or any stealthy question like that]...

You could simply say nothing to me and walk away with a smile on your face because in your Knowing of your True Self, despising another human is impossible. Ignore my question, disengage, walk away from me and we both will smile.

Negativity will only affect you if you go into agreement with it. We all have the Divine Right to choose at any moment. Vibrating higher than negativity is also a choice. Your choice.

Some will say, "But Greg, everyone must go there and see what they despise in order to work on that aspect of the self in order to get better at being a loving human being."

Truth, perhaps for an individual. I did for a time only because that was my individual path. Underline, "my individual path." Who am I, or anyone else, to say to all humans, that they must go along the same path? Who am I to judge?

Some will attempt to push you and say, "I call BS. You are human and everyone despises someone. You are not being honest with yourself, therefore you are not healthy. You need to answer my question."

This is an attempt at control. Control of you by someone else.

You can always choose to thank them for the question, just walk away, shake off the attempt at the negative influence and smile in your Knowing as a Master of your own ego, for no one can be...but you.

Here's some irony for ya...

I created a list of twenty questions, put them on my "Work With Me" page and included the question, "Who do despise and why?"