How To Get Closer to God? Say "No" To Religious Separation

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Freedom? Knowing Who You Are Creates Dominion Over Fearmongers

If I state, “I am a Christian [or any other religion],” I would be in separation by drawing a line between me and all other humans who are not part of those human created systems of control. Further, I would be living in a self imposed form of limitation while in agreement with a group idea of “the right way or the highway. Further still, if I separate myself from my fellow humans for any reason, I would be separating myself from God. Why build a wall around myself when I just want to be free?

“But Greg, if you don’t pray as I do, or believe in the religious ways I do, you’ll rot in hell forever.”

No, I will not.

Yeah I know, not every Christian believes that way. However, some do and I’ve been at the receiving end of that kind of fear mongering both as a child and as an adult. Have you?

People who proclaim those words of fear to other people, exist in fear while creating more fear. Fear is the mind-killer which blocks the Soul from emerging. To argue with fear is pointless, just walk the other way and smile.

I’m not bashing religion. There are fearless people who are members of all religions. They become the beacons of light for those who are in fear. Religious organizations can and do serve people who are suffering, yet there will always be temptation for certain people of power within religious organizations, to control those whom they intend to serve.

Read human history. Many religions were created by humans after the appearance on this planet by a single human with a message of Love. Each and every one of those single humans, had their message of Love bastardized by other humans whose only purpose was to control the masses by instilling fear. The fear of being punished if they did not believe what they were told. Why? Money to support their greed driven control over the masses.

I am not a member of any religion primarily because I do not feel that “it’s my way or the highway.” Being a member of any human created religion is not required to Know that I Am a child of God. For me, if I know what I Am, I can know that I am already in the Kingdom of the Creator, because God is in all of us. Therefore, no separation is necessary.

As a child of God, I Know my Soul is indestructible. Sure, you can destroy my body, but you cannot destroy who I Am. So, why exist in fear and stay within mind created walls?

We are all part of God [or whatever you choose to call It, I do not care because human given names are meaningless]. If you drop out of your head for a wee bit, perhaps you’ll feel It.

Can you feel the love of your life partner? Is this an energy? You can extend that feeling if you choose, to every human on our planet. Every human can, even the ones you do not like. Yet, some religious dogma will tell you that you must not try or you will perish. Why? Perhaps it is because if you knew who and what you truly are, you may not need the religion anymore. Control.

Separation exists because some humans make the choice to exist that way while being in fear of thinking otherwise. Which is cool. I used to be that way, yet I grew out of it. I choose not to build walls between myself and others who make different choices. Who am I to judge others? Has any human been granted the job of judging how any other chooses to believe? Nope. We all have free human will, so choose whatever you wish.

But think about this: If we make the choice of separation, we will continue to suffer in anger, hatred, sadness and isolation. The result will be war with other humans and war takes form in many ways even if it is just a thought.

So, I separate myself from that separation, which frees me from fear because I un-tether myself from the control of others. I stand fearlessly in my Freedom with Love as the Light for my path of life. And God is with me always regardless of any book I read.

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So, if religion was too soft of a topic, let’s talk about race...

If I state, “I am a white guy,” I would be in separation by drawing a line between me and all females. Further, I would be drawing a line between me and my fellow humans who do not have the same thin skin color as me.

“But Greg, that is who you are.”

To some perhaps, as they see me in a picture or walking down the street. If that is as far as they can go, then they are stuck in their ego...the small, finite self. That is simply the surface of my human body. That is not who I am.

Again, who I Am, is a child of God, just like you and everyone else on this planet despite what any religion, government or any human created system of control wants you and I to believe.

So, I separate myself from that separation, which becomes a path to Freedom. Choice is our Divine Right as humans and I stand in my dominion over any human who would try and force me to believe otherwise.

The only thing I separate myself from...

is separation itself...


Oops, wait a second. That’s just like saying, “There are no absolutes,” which is an absolute statement.

Hum...I’ll just leave it here. :)

One of the ways I find a deep connection with God is through Meditation...and it is quite easy...