Pushing Stuff Down: "Run Toward That Which Scares You" Part Three


Have you ever been alone somewhere for a period of time and all sorts of crap starts coming up? 

Well, me too and while I was at sea on the adventure, stuff started coming up. I was alone for eight days on
my way to Bermuda and then I was alone for another nine days on the way back. A total of 17 days, totally by myself, way the hell out there and all sorts of crap came up.

In the previous video, I talked about humiliation and keeping stuff down.  Humiliation from the relationship that ended in the way that it did.  Although I wouldn't say that back then.

"I'm going on an adventure. I'm going to let her go. I don't care about that crap. I'm much tougher than that."

Well, that's what I said but every time it would come up I would try to push it down.

That's the old paradigm.

I believe that pushing stuff down is at the core of why there is so much negativity in the world. Think about people in your life that are negative. Think about yourself maybe. Why do you get pissed off?  Where does that anger come from?

"Somebody just cut me off man. I should be pissed off. I flipped them off."

How do you know what they were going through? I'm not excusing them. I'm not excusing anybody for creating wrecks on the freeway but come on, does it do you any good to get pissed off? 

What do you do?

I talked about it in the last video, I talked about it in this video and will continue discussing the process with both examples and results. Release it in a loving way both to yourself and others.  Yes, it becomes that simple...and wonderful.

As a daily practice, when someone throws negativity your way through their own judgments...
smile and remain silent as their harsh winds blow right past you as a bamboo tree bends during a strong wind.  Eventually, the wind will cease with the bamboo tree standing straight and tall once again.  The change...the result...will be a stronger tree.  You are the same.

Upon the release...try meditation in whatever way is comfortable to you...there is no right or wrong way to meditate.  

One thing I didn't see though [while at sea]  And I did it a lot.  I started talking to myself.  

People have asked me, "Frucci, did you talk to yourself out there?"

Yeah. I did. I had several conversations with myself. Who the hell else am I going to talk to?  Everybody talks to themselves. Everybody.  What's wrong with it?  I found overtime, that the more conversations that I have with myself, the easier it is to communicate.  Why?  Because talking to yourself is like practice. 

In the next video, I'm going to talk about throwing a fit and I know you can relate because you've thrown them. 

"No, I haven't Frucci. I don't throw fits. Only angry people throw fits."

Bullshit. Everybody throws a fit and I'm not talking about little kids. But I am talking about doing it like a little kid.

Until the next time... 

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