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Awaken Your Divine Masculine Summit

Here's a short clip from my interview with Ivan...

This not about being a "Womanly Man"...this is about being a Man and being In Control of ourselves in a Fearless, Powerful and Loving Way with all Separation eliminated.  

At least, that's what I talked about.  When we come from a place of Love and do no harm to ourselves...we can do no harm to anyone regardless of gender, race, culture or any human created system of control.  "Control" is a big topic with me.

Ivan Kramer, the host and creator for this online event out of Australia, invited me to video record a lesson for his event.  We recorded the session yesterday, March 24th (the 25th for Ivan since he's in Aussie Land).  I'm very, very, very happy with our conversation and it may be a bit eye-opening for some.  I said some stuff I've never spoken publically before.

I'm not selling anything here.  I did the interview for free and Ivan's giving the content away for free.  I feel strongly about being in Service to the world and especially Men.

I'm not sure at this point exactly what day and time my interview will be posted on his site, but I'll update this event when I get the information.

Learning everything from embracing different Archetypes, Sacred Tantra, developing Presence, the power of Breath, Qi-gong, Primal Movement, exploring your Shadows, and Helping Crack you Wide Open, so you are Penetrating the World with your purpose and living life like a true KING!

This is for Spiritual Warriors seeking Inner Transformation
who want to make a Difference in the Planet!
Are you ready to awaken & start penetrating the world powerfully with your gifts and talents? Are you ready to go into your shadows to explore the darkness & bring in the light? Come Join me on this adventure and discover what it really means to be a divine masculine man!

Meet your Host, Ivan Kramer

Ivan strongly believes that the more we chip away everything that is not us, the more we reveal who we really are!

After growing up with depression and suffering childhood trauma, Ivan had a feeling that there was a reason he was on the planet. A bigger purpose. It was later on in his teens that he discovered spirituality and personal development. Over the years Ivan has transformed many times over and learned from the best. However, he still felt like there was something missing that he was searching for. Finally, he found what he was searching for, it was himself. As corny as that sounds, it was life changing. No more events, because there was no need, he found the answer. And a feeling of ‘I am enough’. Ivan strongly believes that the more we chip away everything that is not us, the more we can reveal who we really are. Which is our true essence without any conditioning, stories, or beliefs that limit us.

Many of Ivan’s close female friends were going deep and exploring sacred feminine and inner goddess work, and there seem to be a yearning for them to meet a man who was willing to meet them and hold space for them. Ivan decided to go on a personal journey to discover how he can better in the bedroom, being more on purpose, more present and wanted to put all the jigsaw pieces together. This was how “Awaken the Divine Masculine Summit” was born. So join us as we learn, re-define, and explore what it is to be a divine masculine guy.