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2016 Hay House World Summit

Hay House is at it again! They’re bringing you another World Summit to empower, heal and transform your life with the world’s leading experts.

If you’ve never experienced a Hay House World Summit, you’re in for a real treat! Now there’s 20 days to listen, a downloadable Hay House World Summit Welcome Pack to help you take action, and a supportive global community –devoted to learning, growing and living life to the fullest!

Transcend Your Higher Self

Take back your personal power in a loving way and share with the people in your life what you learn.  This is the way of Grace.

Are you stuck someplace in your life because of some underlying fear you have pushed down because other people have told you that you should do that?

Why would you listen to other people who would tell you to deny how you truly feel?  Just because others live in denial, why should you?  Have you ever experienced massive intensity in your life?  Follow your Soul's desire to heal.

I've been there and how I healed was running fast toward the thing which caused anger and fear.  I faced it and healed. So can you.

The Lesson I created for the 2016 Hay House World Summit is called, "Run Toward That Which Scares You!"