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"Stay True To Your Internal Compass" December 2016 Three Day Intensive

  • 8865 Mount Israel Road Escondido, CA, 92029 United States (map)

As long as you breathe...keep moving forward.

Delete ego's control over who You truly Are.

What If In 3 Days You Can Push Past Your Self-Imposed Limits…?

Uncover Your Biggest Fears…
Find Deeper Meaning In Your Life… 
 Discover Your True Purpose…

And Set Sail Towards Your Biggest Goals & Dreams?

Are you truly happy?:

  • Do you sometimes feel like you’re living in fear?
  • Do you feel like you’re holding back from your true potential?
  • Are you attempting to create your Legacy?  Meaning, what wisdom will your tribe of people be able to draw from long after you're gone from this can your experiences serve others?  I have a new granddaughter...she is who I think about when asking this question.
  • Are you struggling with fear based emotions like anger, shame or regret from past events?
  • Do you feel separated from anyone?
  • Are you the best Leader of yourself and others that you can be?

These are all major life questions most people never face and never attempt to answer and never resolve. 

The result is, you may feel unfulfilled. Unhappy. Scared. Detached. Unloved. Lonely. Depressed. Pained. Regretful. Ashamed. Doubtful. Uncertain…and in some way, lost.

Like many people, this was my identity as well for many years...

In the years between 2003 when I was fired from my job as an Architect and 2011 when I took to the sea alone, I struggled each day with those questions.  I blamed the world and sought my answers from what was outside of me.  That didn't work at all.

Then, in 2011 One Single Event Changed Everything:

After a series of intensities which I wrote about in my book, "Path of Three Hundred: Volume 1," and will not get into here, I took off on a small sailboat in the Atlantic Ocean during the hurricane season of 2011.  I was out there alone for a total of 17 days over two legs of the Journey.  I battled storms including sailing into the eye of a developing hurricane.  I battled ego.

What did I learn from this experience?:

In a word, "mindfulness."  Seems simple on the outside as I write this, but it took me five years to integrate that one simple concept into my being.  Life worked out that way for me personally.  So many intensities over the course of time which I am deeply grateful for, taught me a profound lesson on how to show up in the to illustrate a way of being for my granddaughter some day in the future.   

Sailing the open ocean alone in a meditative state for 17 days solidified with stories of challenge, forever changed my life and became the foundation for a lasting Legacy of Love.

Today, I live my life in a continual state of Love no matter what challenges I face...we all face them, for that is our common thread as humans on this planet.  How do you live your life? 

I now serve as an author, adventurer, coach and speaker. I have been featured on Hay House, and served as a Lesson Creator for the 2016 Hay House World Summit amongst people such as Deepak Chopra, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer and others.

How I now serve you to obtain similar results:

I’ve discovered that one of my true callings is to take men and women through a similar journey so that in the end they will find more purpose, more meaning, more connection, more love – all with self first then with others.

I’ve created these “Intensives” which guides you through difficult emotional processes both physically and emotionally to push your edges (and mine) while integrating the ego in a loving way, revealing the true Inner Guidance system we all share as one. Remember I mentioned mindfulness was key? You’ll experience and practice this full on.

The Next Intensive is…
"Stay True To Your Internal Compass" December 2016 Three Day Intensive
Fri, Dec 9, 2016 6:00pm - Sun, Dec 11, 2016 6:00pm

This three-day intensive will provide a tangible experience of facing the unknown, as I did during my seventeen-day journey at sea alone which was a life-changing transformation of self-identity and ego.

This is not deletion of the ego...
This is a congruence of all aspects of self into One and a dissolution of separation by choice, as the body walks hand in hand with Mind and Spirit along a path designed by the Internal Compass we share.

We will be there to evolve the human creation of fear based systems.  What this means simply is:  You are the one who creates Fear, so you are the one who can choose not to be in Fear.  You are the Master.  Period.

Who is this for?

This intensive is for humans, male or female, who are on a path of love and creation.  People who wish to leave a lasting Legacy of peaceful non-separation.  People who wish to connect to their Divine Self (Soul, Spirit or whatever you wish to call It because I make no judgments based on human-created dogmatic systems of belief).  This intensive is for people who wish to delete their ego's control over who they truly are and stay true to their Internal Compass as life is navigated.

This intensive is NOT for people who believe they are superior to other people and thus live in a world of separation.

You will solidify trust in your own command, for this is what builds self-worth and validation much faster than what is out-picture in life by you.

There are no hard and fast rules about how to live life if one is living his or her life while in a profound state of Love...this is the connection to the Internal Compass of you.

Ultimately, you will set or continue to build upon your Legacy of how you will influence the world and universe around you.  How you act upon what you discover will be up to you as it must be.

I normally require an investment of $10,000.00 for this Intensive in a "One-on-One" environment.  For this group December 2016 event, I am marking that price down considerably.

Here's the catch: I will only do this for a group of 8 people in December 2016.

The Deadline for registration is approaching. December 8, 2016 will be the last day to register.

How Is This Different From What You’ve Ever Experienced Before? 

This is not a typical group intensive.  Bring camping gear, hiking footwear, food and water.  You will not be taken care of by others, but you will be safe.

The details of what will happen will remain a mystery to those who are not there with us.  We will set a container of confidentiality which shall forever be honored.  Only the individual can speak about their own personal experiences.   Perhaps some will...perhaps not...this is the respect we give each other as humans.

We will exercise the mind, body and soul each day in many different ways.  

We will meditate.  We will walk in silence at times.  We will walk while in discussion at times. We will journal in order for you to reflect in the future about what you discover about yourself.  

If a boundary is found (and I will push you while pushing myself), then good...this is the process of exploration and discovery...with Growth as the result even after we depart.

Attachments to human created systems of control will become meaningless as we walk.  When you are tired, hungry and thirsty, what becomes most important?  Loving yourself.  Once self is loved...loving others becomes much easier.

As a bonus, you will have access to my consulting staff member, Katherine Gerardi.  What is her Genius Zone?  CLICK HERE and read about her in one of my blog posts.

What Others Have Shared…

I had the opportunity to adventure 3 days into the unknown with Greg.
He is a man who has traveled the world, faced his own fears and tapped into his gut instinct aka his internal compass again and again and he shows others just how to do that.
Greg is quite the adventurer and leader. With days of hiking into rough territory, he knew exactly how to push us past our emotional and physical comfort zones and yet keep us safe.
He is a master storyteller and entertainer. He would regale the group of his epic sea adventures and each time he would hit home with powerful lessons and morals.
Guided by Greg and his not-so-typical transformative process, what happened in those 3 days was an amazing experience and a period of growth. I highly recommend anyone to spend time with this adventurous soul. Oh, and he brews a mean cup of joe!
— Tarek Statico

Tarek Statico and I during an Intensive I led in the desert during October 2016.  Photo by Michael Author.

Ego desired the mountain.  Spirit desired the meaning of the mountain.