Are you looking for an original house design just for you and not a copy of what someone else has?  

Keep reading. 

If you want a knock off of what's already out there, I'll be happy to give you a recommendation to work with someone else. That's cool, because there are plenty of talented people out there recreating what works just fine for rentals, etc.  

But if you are fearless and want something totally unique. Keep reading.

 The teague house completed in 1996.  design by greg frucci. and built by lee tugwell of manteo, north carolina

The teague house completed in 1996.  design by greg frucci. and built by lee tugwell of manteo, north carolina

You are unique.  Why not express who you are?

I've created some wild and crazy designs.  Both residential and commercial.  I prefer residential because your home is where you passion resides.

I've also kept it simple and everything in between the two. 

The thing is, you are unique.  How you live your life is unique even if you find common bonds with your friends and family.  

I love the design process.  Getting into your head, finding out what makes you tick, how you live your life, how you feel when you are living your life and what you think is important, is what will lead you and I during the co-creation of the home you desire.

Collie House by Greg Frucci

Collie House.  Pasquotank County, NC

Designed by Greg Frucci.  Completed in 1991.

Whithead House by Greg Frucci.jpg

Whitehead House.  Kitty Hawk, NC

Designed by Greg Frucci.  Built by Lee Tugwell in 1992.

When I was on my own as an Architect back in the 1990's, I only created original designs even if the client wanted to relate the design to what was on the site before or relate to nearby buildings.  Duck United Methodist Church in Duck, North Carolina is a prime example of simplicity and not so crazy looking to others.

 duck united methodist church in duck, north carolina by greg frucci and build by david stormont.

duck united methodist church in duck, north carolina by greg frucci and build by david stormont.

Dang Greg, you sound expensive.

Nope.  My fees are competitive with quality Home Designers on the Outer Banks of North Carolina where I live now.  

I used to charge seemingly outrageous fees when I was a licensed Architect because that's what I was taught to do.  I allowed my license to lapse back in 2003 when I got into acting, going on Adventures, publishing books and professional speaking.  Now, it's  just not worth the trouble of getting it back and I do not need the license anyway to design the only type of building I ever loved to design...Homes.

I will work directly with you during the design process until you are completely satisfied with the design of your home.  I will create the design in the old-school fashion with my hands using real pencils on real paper.  Once you smile and say, Yes, Greg!  That's what I want, let's build it, I will turn my drawings over to the other designer and engineer to create the final construction drawings.  I will be in constant contact with them to make sure the design you and I create together is manifested in the final construction documents and permitted by the local building inspection officials.

Questions you may have:

  1. Will you give me what I want, Greg?  Yes, I design for you, not for me.  I Am in Service to you.  Sure I have an ego...everyone does.  But my ego got knocked way down while I was alone at sea in the Atlantic Ocean for 17 days and nights.
  2. Will you take forever to design my house?  No, I am fast.  I even designed an original 22,000 square foot house in a week and a half on a drafting board using a pencil the Old School Way.  Yes, I was tired once I completed the design.  LOL.  Now, I use the BIM (Building Information Modeling) program, Revit LT by Autodesk.  Revit is basically AutoCad on steroids and goes way beyond traditional CAD programs.  Your design will be created in 3D with the construction documents delivered to the contractor in traditional 2D printed format.
  3. Will you blow my budget out of the water?  Nope.  Even my wildest designs came in on budget.
  4. Will you disappear once the design and drawings are complete?  No for two reasons:  A)  Ghosting after I give you the drawings lacks integrity.  B)  I want your testimony and I want you to tell your friends about me even if you say something like, "Greg's a little out there...the guy once sailed alone in the Atlantic during Hurricane Season...but the home he designed for me is beyond what I expected and I LOVE it."