Nathan Seaward | Greg Frucci: 17 Days Alone At Sea In The Atlantic Ocean

clicking the image above will take you directly to Nathan Seaward's website and this episode. the itunes link is below.

clicking the image above will take you directly to Nathan Seaward's website and this episode. the itunes link is below.

I said some stuff I've never said before publicly.

I would love to know your insights from the conversation between Nathan and I. He pulled some things out of me which I didn't know would come up. The dude is good at that. :)

Who the heck is Nathan Seaward?  Well, you can CLICK HERE and read about him on his website.  His life story is epic.  I pulled this from his "ABOUT" page:

Hi, i’m Nathan Seaward. I’m committed to inspiring and supporting you to live a more epic life. A life where you finally reach your full potential. A life that you’re excited about. A life in which you feel truly fulfilled inside and where the most important relationships in your life aren’t simply exhausting.

During the hour long conversation, I told a story I've told before but in a different way.  The conversation was completely organic and flowed in a direction I did not anticipate.  That's the cool thing about conversations between script.

The only thing I knew before the conversation started was this request from Nathan:

If this was the last conversation you were ever going to have, what would you want to tell people? What would you want the men listening to know?

So, that's the way I approached the conversation.  It was not so much an was a conversation between two dudes.  I imagined God appearing before me and sitting in a chair across from where I was sitting before Nathan and I got on skype to chat.  Imagine God (or whatever human created name you wish to call it, I don't care), appearing before you and saying...

In two hours, I am going to take you with me.  The body you are in right now will die and no longer walk this earth.  The next conversation you have will be your last one...ever.  What would you like to tell people?  What would you like your fellow humans to know?  Choose your words wisely and hold nothing back.  Don't worry, you can finish your thoughts, then you're coming with me.  See ya in a few.  :)

So, that's what I did.  

The conversation was both fun and real.  It felt like freedom.  I felt light-hearted and joyful even when we discussed some extremely vulnerable issues.  The pain felt in the past with reference to some of the topics, no longer existed.  

Since the recording of the episode on his podcast, I've been living in the same if every conversation would be my last.

Thank you, Nathan.

Here is the link to our conversation on iTunes if you prefer: