Beautiful Latin Guitar Music by Pablo A Mendoza Sets The Mood Of This Film

Pablo A. Mendoza creates some of the most beautiful guitar music I've ever had the pleasure of hearing and feeling.

I met Pablo back in early 2011 while on a side job in Miami. A buddy of mine and I were walking the streets in South Beach looking for a place to eat.

Photo by  Patricia Roseman , 2011 and used by permission.

Photo by Patricia Roseman, 2011 and used by permission.

Guitar music grew louder as we walked, so we followed our ears into a restaurant on Ocean Blvd.

Once Pablo's set was complete, he walked by and I complemented him. He noticed a tattoo on my finger and asked about it.

The tattoo represented (and still does) newly found freedom which I explained to him with reference to the sailing adventure I was about to embark upon.

Horus  original  artwork by greg frucci,  1991.  Original name was  Fisheye .

Horus original artwork by greg frucci, 1991.  Original name was Fisheye.

He also noticed the tat on my shoulder which some call The Eye of Horus. For Pablo, that tat had great meaning since the Eye of Horus is also on the cover of his first CD, Peregrinaje.

Longer story shortened...Pablo told me that I could use his music in the documentary film I wanted to make back then about my sailing adventure after I returned.  FYI...I still do and will.  What else am I gonna do with over a Terabyte of HD footage?

Fast forward to this past November, I was able to see Pablo play again in Miami. He gave me a CD with 5 new tracks of music which will become his 2nd CD. I do not know when he will release the new CD.  He again gave me permission to incorporate his music into films about the adventure.

So, I remixed some of my HD footage from the adventure and tell a little story with moving images and the music of Pablo.

My wish is that you enjoy the music of Pablo and feel the story in this short 5-minute music video.  Oh, and if you want to view the video on YouTube, you can.  If you have a Smart TV with YouTube, that is the best way.

Peace to you.