Do You Choose to Create From Hate or Love? - Thoughts on the Presidential Election

#ElectionNight #MyWishForTheFuture 

Healing will not come from fear. I will not fuel fear, only the opposite and I stand firmly in my Truth as a Divine aspect of God.

The Ancient One in the pic is not oblivious to her surroundings.  Nor, does she Judge...she just wants to live in Peace.  

She chooses to walk her own path because she is in Choice of everything she does.  She creates her own reality because that IS what happens regardless of what anything else does.  If she walks into a place where there is danger...that is her choice.  If she walks into a place of peace...that is her choice.  I took the pic and know the tortoise is a "she."  She looks to be over 100 years old...thus she has made many choices over a lifetime.

So it is with all of us.  What we think and do, we create.  We bring into form and become attached to that thing.

If I were to say, "I am angry or sad or disgusted or any other fear based emotion", then I become that.  

All fear based emotional responses will create separation.  Separation is a wall which not only keeps "things" also keeps "things" in.  

If my fellow humans wish to create separation fueled by fear, then that is a choice for them and not me.  I can and do choose to Know that all separation is an illusion which I am not in agreement with.

I create my own reality...we all do.  Democrats do not create my reality.  Republicans do not create my reality.  No person, system of control, or anything else other than me creates how I choose to Be in this world.  Choice.  Choice. Choice.  Thus, I create from Love.  Why on earth would I want to do otherwise?

I respect all humans.  I love all humans.  And this love and respect is not limited to humans...the love and respect is for all Life.

Who am I to judge?  Who am I to condemn?  Yes, I have my opinions of how to Be...we all do...but to condemn a fellow human, which is to decide for them how they "should" be, is not my Divine right.  I do not know the precise path taken by anyone but me.  Yelling and screaming does nothing but create more intense yelling and screaming.  Children do that and I am no longer a child.

In times such as this, I choose to bring Peace to all of my interactions with myself, which will bring Peace in all of my interactions with all humans.  That is my choice because I Know if I choose otherwise, I will only fuel separation caused by fear...which is not necessary in the first place.

If I were to say, "I hate, blah blah blah including myself," then I become hate.  

I Am Love.  How one gets to that place is forgiveness.  Forgiveness of the self first.  

"But, Greg, Donald or Hillary or whoever did blah blah blah!!!

If I throw hate or any other emotional response based in fear, then I become like them...or worse since I would be fueling whatever it is based in fear that they create.  I will not throw hate.  Period. 

I've kept up.  I've read, watched and listened to quite a bit of the negativity coming from all directions.  Republican zealots and Democrat zealots fueling the bonfire of hate.  Both keep perpetuating fear through condemnation and judgment of the other unceasingly.  At times, I allowed a desire to vomit emerge from within me, followed by anger at people I do not even know.  I "allowed" the negative emotions to emerge and vibrate out from me affecting people around me.  And my dog, Lucky? Witnessing me while in that place of disgust, he would pull his ears back in fear of me because of how I showed up to him.  Yuk.  Do I really want to create that in myself or others?  Nope.  So I forgive myself.  Immediately, love is felt.  And that is the key:  

Emanate Love from've always had It in you...and we can all rise out of this fear of what may or may not come.

I have decided that I have a responsibility to create Peace.  Peace cannot exist with separation of anything.  Peace can only exist with all walls down.  You throw hate at someone, you create separation.  You toss Love and you create inclusion. 

We all have a choice to create from Love or from hate.

If one aligns to worry, then that is personal choice.
If one aligns to hate, then that is personal choice.
If one aligns to sadness, then that is personal choice.
If one aligns to anger, then that is personal choice.

I refuse to align myself to any of the above.  If I choose any of the above, then I assume responsibility for a personal contribution to destruction.

I do not have to agree with anyone's choices, yet still respect choice because I know not what path a soul is supposed to travel. However, it is your choice and by your choice, you assume responsibility for that choice.

If you are aligning yourself to any of the above, you are aligning yourself to fear based emotions and you are creating from that place.

Is that really what you wish to do?

Fear will always create separation.

I align myself to Love.  That is my choice.

Keep on perpetuating fear, and we will continue to have these choices to make.
Every single one of us, every single human being, has the ability within them to create from a place of love and to stop bringing these choices into form. Our global culture is a product of what we have brought to us.
And, we as a global culture have the ability within us now to stop the madness. And it all comes down to one simple thing, Choice.

The reality is, I do see a wonderful future despite what the media portrays because there are profound lessons to be taken within. Most of the people that I know and associate with, are heart centered, loving and kind human beings.
We are on the precipice of a great new age. And I firmly believe we will all be able to fly across an unknown horizon with beauty on the other side of it.

Through this Knowing, I am able to remain peaceful, happy, and in my Love.

Where do you choose to create from?  Let that sink in for a moment.

Now listen to this:  The title is "Abraham Hicks, We Think This is The Best Election Ever." 

If you can come from a place of loving the lessons, which as a culture we have brought into being, then the video will make sense.

Further, here is a quote from an article I read yesterday on the Huffington Post by Patricia Pearce.  The title is, "Donald Trump: Spiritual Teacher in Disguise."  Yep.  Again...If you can come from a place of loving the lessons, which as a culture we have brought into being by our own doing, then the article will make sense.

First and foremost, spiritual teachers help us see and transcend ego, enabling us to shed the ego’s illusions so that we can awaken to the truth of our divine nature. The character of Donald Trump is functioning in my dream as a spiritual teacher of the highest order because he is showing me in unmistakable terms what ego looks like. After all, if I can’t see what ego looks like, how can I ever hope to transcend it?

Based on the fallacy of separateness, the ego is an erroneous thought system that causes me to perceive reality upside down―like a lens that inverts the light passing through it so that an object appears upside down.

The thought system of ego generates in my mind an illusory world of fear, hierarchy, domination, and death, while obscuring from my awareness the reality of oneness, love, reciprocity, and immortality.

Thanks to my spiritual teacher I am able to witness the ego in a caricatured, exaggerated form. Beholding his example, I can see how the ego seeks attention, perceives itself to be greater than others, and believes that greatness rests on wealth, fame, influence, and the ability to dominate others.
— Patricia Pearce from her article on The Huffington Post

We are where we are.  The Present.  And the only path to take is towards the Future which we can collectively create.

I Know who I Am.  I Know what I Am.  I Know how I serve.

I Am Love in all that I see before me.  I Know that we are all the same at the Source, so how on earth could I not love all beings since we are all the same.

I choose to be Happy.
I choose to be unattached to systems which only desire to control me through fear...all of them.
I choose to be attached to the Divine...for there exists only Love

I love adventure.  I love the Journey of Life.  And from time to time, I go surfing, or skydiving, or hiking in the desert.  For within those times of adventure, comes a purification which serves me in profound ways which ignites a spiritual fire to serve the world in a positive and loving way.

We are safe...for we are all loved.