Meet Greg:

I am the author of the Path of Three Hundred series of books, published by Balboa Press, a Division of Hay House.  I perform Elite Coaching in an expedition environment, my office is Nature and my fulcrum for transformation is Adventure.  I am also a professional speaker for the YPO/WPO.  My  resume is eclectic. In January of 2016, I was asked by Hay House Publishing to create a Master Class for the 2016 Hay House World Summit along with Thought Leaders, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and others.  During an interview with Best-Selling Author, Nancy Levin, I created the lesson, "Run Towards That Which Scares You!"   My lesson on the Summit was very well received with hundreds of comments and emails from the people who's lives have been changed in a wonderful way.  The 2016 Hay House World Summit ran live online from May 7-26, 2016.   

After working as an Architect for twenty years, I was fired from the last firm I work for back in 2003...I was quite a different human back then. Divorced, working part-time jobs and seeking what was next in life, I took off on a life changing sailing adventure alone in the Atlantic Ocean during the hurricane season of 2011. Meditation and creativity fuel my spiritual fire in the present as I flow into the future. I am writing two books now, Death Angel  which is the story of my Marine Corps fighter-pilot father and Volume II of the Path of Three Hundred series. Both will be released in early 2017. I received my Bachelor of Architecture with honors from Carnegie Mellon University in 1984.  Learn more here.

Death Valley and the Deletion of ego's control over Spirit.


October 7-9, 2016, I led a group of men into the desert.


The goal was to guide this group of men through difficult emotional processes both physically and emotionally to push their edges (and mine) while integrating the ego in a loving way, revealing the true Inner Guidance system we all share as one.  This two day intensive provided a tangible experience of facing the unknown, as I did during my seventeen day journey at sea alone which was a life-changing transformation of self identity and ego.

This is not deletion of the ego...
This is a congruence of all aspects of self into One and a dissolution of separation by choice, as the body walks hand in hand with Mind and Spirit along a path designed by the Internal Compass we share.

We were there to evolve the human creation of fear based systems.  Those walls of separation we created become simple illusions and vanish.

The details of what happened out in the desert will remain a mystery to those who were not there with us.  

We set a container of confidentiality which shall forever be honored.  

Only the individual men can speak about their own personal experiences.  

Perhaps some will...perhaps not...this is the respect we give each other as Brothers.

I will do this Intensive different locations.  Contact me for info.

The Young Hawk: A Message When Needed, Yet Not Asked For



The morning after I finished putting the final touches on an epic one-on-one Adventure Program I am creating, this happened...

June 24, 2016:  Early in the morning...

After my morning meditation, I was sitting in the grass with my dog while looking at an adult hawk sitting on a tree limb above me.  Over the past month, this became part of my morning ritual.  Two adult hawks have a nest near the top of a tall pine tree located on the property where I live.

As I sat there, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something big fly toward the house.  I heard a loud noise and knew a large bird hit a sliding glass door.  Lucky took off running and arrived before I could.  Screeching to a halt after a full sprint, I saw Lucky sitting on the ground staring at a hawk laying on it's back, eyes closed, breathing and out cold.

I didn't have time to go get a towel or something else to wrap around my hands, nor do I have bird of prey gloves laying around.  Yes, I could have taken off my shirt and put it around my hands, but I didn't think of that little trick until later.  I was acting in the moment as I gently put my right hand under his head.  He snapped out of his delirium for a moment with eyes focusing on mine.  I froze for a moment as he drifted back into unconsciousness.  While he was out, I gingerly slipped my left hand under his back and lifted him up as I stood.  While walking him to a cushioned bench to set him down, he woke once more.  He did not struggle.  He just stared into my eyes.  A few moments later, I set him down upon the cushioned bench.

Have You Ever Wanted To Take Off On An ADVENTURE?

I'm not talking about sitting in a lounge chair and sipping a Mai Tai on a beach somewhere...that's a vacation.

The entire Earth is sacred.  There are no exceptions.

The entire Earth calls to me.  Perhaps that is why I grew up and into adulthood, in the way I have.  A Wandering Free Spirit.

Back in 2011, when I took off on an ADVENTURE, the sea called to me.  The Bermuda Triangle actually spoke while I was there alone for days and nights, hundreds of miles out to sea.

Some will say that the Bermuda Triangle is a Power Center.  One of many across our planet.  I agree, although I was skeptical before I was actually there and was able to experience the place first hand.  No mind altering drugs were involved, nor were they needed (a subject I addressed in another blog post which you can access here).

Yesterday, I told the story of my short time on the Isle of Capri in Italy, when I was a teenager to a friend of mine.  As I described the place and the events while there, her posture changed and I witnessed a glow in her.  Her whole body changed and it sparked a desire in her to go and experience that place.  Have you ever listened to a particular song which invigorates your being as you listen to the power of the melody?  It is the same.

Where is the place on our planet which calls to you?  Stop reading this for a moment, close your eyes, drop down from your mind into your heart and breathe deeply.  Perhaps an image of a place will appear.


Sometimes we have a realization of how powerful a place can be. We do not know at the time how impactful it will be to our Core as we grow. We do not learn that aspect of a place until a period of time flows into the future...unless of course, someone is there to activate this knowing. The result is is a gradual revelation that a place will never leave you. 


You can find out more about me and how I arrived to the present moment by clicking the link below. Everyone's path is intense at times.  I am stepping into my vulnerability and sharing my adventures.  

Take Action

Ready to take the next step? You can become a contributor to your own life and cut the dock lines which bind you to what you are stuck to by facing your fears...we all have are not alone.

"Ring Tat" original drawing copyright, Greg Frucci, 2010

"Ring Tat" original drawing copyright, Greg Frucci, 2010